Chew Treats for Dogs

Dogs will chew whatever is available to them.
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Your dog chews to deal with stress and boredom. She chews to relieve teething discomfort. She chews because it's instinctual and fun. What she chews depends on you. Shoes, cell phones and purses are always options. But safe, functional chew treats can benefit your dog and your relationship with her.

Dried Beef Trachea

Dried beef trachea are natural treats that help clean your dog's teeth while satisfying her urge to chew. They provide a source of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for her joint health, and are a safe alternative to many popular rawhide treats that can cause digestive problems. Several dried beef trachea products are available at stores and online, priced from $2 to $4 for each 8- to 12-inch chew stick.

Beef Bully Sticks

Made from the muscles of free range or feed-lot cattle, nutrient-rich bully sticks are another type of functional treat for serious chewers only. These bad boy sticks can last for days and are great for your baby girl’s teeth and jaw muscles. Several different brands of bully sticks, in many different sizes, are available from your favorite pet supply source, ranging from $2 to $6.

Raw Beef Butcher Bones

Probably the safest and healthiest chew treat has been around for a long time. Raw beef-marrow bones, or knuckle bones, from your local butcher offer your dog the taste she loves and the minerals, vitamins and nutrients she needs. These natural bones will also provide her with hours of chewing delight. Any good butcher will have them on hand for a less than a few bucks each. These are not to be confused with the cooked or smoked bones often available in pet food aisles.

Treat Dispensing Fun Chews

Kind of a chew treat/chew toy hybrid, these durable hollowed-out playthings are made to be stuffed with your dog's favorite food. Some are shaped like bones, some like balls, but all are designed to exercise your dog's mind and jaw muscles as she gnaws and manipulates the hard outer shell for the tasty treasure inside. Many different brands and sizes are available at the store and online from $7 to $15 each.

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