How to Cheer My Budgie Up

When a budgie loses a friend, he may grieve for a while.

When a budgie loses a friend, he may grieve for a while.

When your budgie seems down in the dumps, it's natural to want to make him feel all better. He's probably sad because of something that's missing from his life, but when you give it to him, he'll have the tools he needs to cheer right back up.

Hook him up with some new toys. Budgies are smart little guys, and they can get bored with the same old toys after just a few days. Switch out the ones in his cage for something new, and after a few days, switch back. Continue introducing new toys and mixing them up with the old ones to keep things interesting for your bird -- it could renew his interest in being active and curious.

Schedule "together time" every day. Your bird needs companionship, and he loves hanging out with you. It doesn't even mean that you need to actively play, though that doesn't hurt. Just keeping him with you as you go around the house or watch TV helps him feel less lonely and sad, so let him out to stretch his wings every day.

Wait patiently if he's dealing with a personal problem. For example, the death of another bird can easily launch your budgie into a state of depression -- hey, you'd be sad too if your roomie and best friend suddenly disappeared. Birds grieve when they lose a companion, and it may mean that he acts sullen for a few weeks. Be patient and understand that he'll cheer up eventually, but you can't force it.

Keep his cage clean. How bummed out would you be if your apartment was a filthy, smelly mess and you weren't able to clean it? Keeping his cage stocked with fresh lining and clean perches improves his quality of life and will help him feel like his old self again.

Items you will need

  • New toys
  • Fresh cage lining


  • When your budgie acts depressed and lethargic, take him to the vet for a checkup. There's always a chance that his attitude is the result of a physical problem or illness, and it's best to rule that out first thing.

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