How to Celebrate a Puppy's Birthday

Puppies love parties, too!
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Although your puppy probably can't understand the meaning of parties and what they entail, that's no reason not to celebrate his special day with a birthday bash. Your pup's sure to pick up on the excitement of the festivities -- and the attention directed his way is sure to make his tail wag!

The Party

The first thing to decide is whether to have a theme for your pup's party. If your pooch likes bones, balls or a favorite toy, consider featuring that item on the invitations, decorations and favors. You can also hang a sign or banner that says "Happy Birthday (your pup's name)," decorated with the theme, and the partygoers can gather in a special room where a table with doggie and people cakes are served.

Invitations and Decor

Computer programs make designing personalized invitations a snap, but you can also buy ready-made invites at some pet stores. Be as creative as you wish, using paper bones, paw prints or any other dog-related shapes to place your message. Be sure to color-coordinate invitations and decorations, carrying out the party theme. You can ask owners to create "dog tags" from simple materials, which serve as guest identification tags/badges.

Favors, Games and Cakes

Fun is foremost, and favors, games and a yummy cake -- both for you and your guest-of-honor pup -- are mandatory. A framed picture of the birthday pup with each of his guests is a fun party favor, as is a "doggie bag" filled with dog-themed (and people) goodies. Fun games can include a dog treasure hunt, a "puppy bowl" -- the dogs play and get exercise -- or doggie fetch and relays. Bake a doggie cake with pooch-approved ingredients like shredded carrots, peanut butter and honey. Never give your dog a cake made for humans, as all that sugar is bad for him.


Whether your pup is the birthday boy or a guest, gifts are always appreciated. For the pup who has everything, you can never go wrong with toys or Kongs (especially good for teething or bored puppies), or a new bed. Pick up some gourmet edibles, which you can find in any pet store, and if the birthday boy (or girl) is a clothes hound, doggie clothing is sure to please.

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