What Causes Cats to Become Antisocial?

Understand what makes your loner cat tick.
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Not many things can be more heartwarming than the sight of a loving and confident cat. Sadly, however, that just isn't always the case. If your precious pet is behaving antisocially, whether toward you or other animals in your home, take the time to figure out the reason why.


If you adopted a rescue cat, chances are it was a stray wandering the streets alone at one point. Sadly, many felines become strays due to abandonment, abuse and neglect issues inflicted on them by humans. Because of the negative associations these cats have understandably developed for humans, the fear causes them to behave "antisocially," from cowering away to aggressive hissing and biting. Even if you treat your cat like the princess she is, these old habits often die hard.


Although many people tend to use the blanket term "stray" to describe all free-roaming and homeless cats, many of them are actually feral. Feral cats are those that have had little to zero contact with humans. In many cases, these animals were born outdoors to parents that also were feral, making the cycle especially hard to break. If you have taken in an undomesticated cat, chances are she isn't socialized at all and fears all touch. These cats are often so wild that they take prolonged eye contact as a threat! Taming a feral cat is a very painstaking process and if you succeed, it can take years. It certainly is a labor of love.

Other Cats

When your cat is behaving antisocially towards other felines rather than you, it may be a standard territorial issue. After all, cats can be very possessive creatures despite their cute looks. If you bring a new cat into your home, your cat may see it as a threat especially if she just isn't used to sharing space. This could result in everything from her hiding from the other cat to downright hostile behavior -- think hissing, biting and scratching!


In some situations, a usually friendly cat may start behaving antisocially due to illness. If your sweet feline is feeling under the weather -- whether due to a small or serious condition -- it could indicate malaise. When your cat is behaving unusually antisocially for an extended period of time, it is very important to seek veterinary attention in order to ensure all is fine in her world.

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