Why Do Cats Meow in the Morning?

If there's no food for your cat in the morning, you can bet there will be meows.
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Cats don’t understand that people are tired in the morning. But your feline does understand you’re not doing anything for him when you’re in bed. So he meows and meows to get your attention, a bowl of food or to let the squirrels and birds know that they’re lucky he’s behind a pane of glass.


In the early morning hours, your house is probably full of silence, but your cat’s food bowl probably isn’t full of food. The moment your cat springs to life in the morning, he’ll likely make a path for his food. If you’re lucky, he’ll remain patient for a few minutes. But if he’s not fed soon, he’s going to voice his opinion on the matter by walking into your room and meowing incessantly. He might also jump on your bed, tap you with his paw and generally do his best to annoy you and make you get up and feed him.


For however long you’re asleep, your cat has no interaction, unless you have other animals that are on his sleep schedule. That means your cat moseys throughout your house all night without getting petted, picked up or talked to. Come morning, he’s bored and probably has had enough of the silent treatment. Cats who want attention rather than food will usually stick to your side if you’re awake, rub against your leg and show little interest in their food bowl.

Outside Animals

When the sun rises, so too do other animals, including birds and squirrels. Some cats are content sitting on your windowsill and watching the feathery and furry animals run about outside. Others are a bit friskier, and bat the window with their paws, meow and chase the morning creatures from one side of the window to the other.


If your cat’s food bowl is always empty in the morning, alter his feeding schedule so he’s eating his last meal when you go to bed. He should have at least a few pieces of food left when he wakes up. If he continues to meow for food in the morning, ignoring him is the best answer. If he just wants your attention, employ the same solution: ignore him. Don't pet him and don't acknowledge him. Putting a few toys out while you sleep helps relieve his boredom and might make him stop seeking your attention.Closing your blinds completely should keep your feline friend from going crazy over the animals he sees outside.

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