How to Catch a Pet Bird

Catch your lost bird quickly.
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Losing your pet bird is terrifying. If she gets out of her cage, catching her as quickly as possible is the most important thing. Tame birds are not suited to being on their own and do not possess the skills to care for themselves.


Step 1

Close all the doors and windows of the room she is in. Turn off any fans and lights. Close curtains and blinds to darken the room and calm her.

Step 2

Approach her slowly, talking softly to her in a calm voice. Avoid any sudden movements or loud noises. It is best if only one person does this. She is likely to be frightened and not want to be touched, no matter how tame she is.

Step 3

Attempt to place your hand over her body gently. Do not push down: bird bones are very fragile and small. Pick her up and place her back in her cage.

Step 4

Follow the steps for catching a bird outdoors if you are unable to walk up and catch her.


Step 1

Place a favorite food treat and fresh water inside her cage.

Step 2

Place the cage outdoors near where she was sighted, with the door left wide open.

Step 3

Watch from an out-of-sight location until she enters the cage. As quietly as possible, approach the cage and shut the door.

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