The Best Cat Tree Furniture

Cat trees satiate their climbing, scratching, playing, napping and surveying needs.
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Cat tree furniture is essential for providing your cat with her own space in which to carry out her feline instincts of scratching, perching and napping. By choosing one that is best designed to satisfy those needs, your sofa will be spared and your cat will find contentment and security.

Scratching Solutions

One of the foremost reasons why cat owners purchase cat tree furniture is to dissuade their furry friend from scratching on the home furnishings. Your cat’s instinct is not to destroy your couch, but to mark her territory. When cats scratch, scent glands in their paws leave their identifying scent behind. After observing which types of materials and surfaces your kitty prefers to sink her claws into, you can select a cat tree that is covered in similar material and provides scratching surfaces that are angled to her preference. Choose a tree whose scratching areas allow her to stretch to her full length while scratching. Be sure to choose a tree that is sturdy enough that it will not topple when she scratches or wobble when she jumps on and off of the perches.

She’ll Be Watching You

Cats like to feel in control of their surroundings. Feeling less vulnerable on high ground, they prefer to snooze and to survey activity from vantage points that are elevated and secure. Your cat also prefers to interact with you at eye level. Multiple cat households use height as an elevated position of status among the feline hierarchy. The best cat tree furniture is constructed with those instincts in mind. The structure should scale several feet high and it should offer perches at varying levels and a bed or a cubbyhole.

Kitty’s Prime Real Estate

When considering the location for your cat tree, choose a tree size that not only provides your cat’s preferred scratching surfaces, perches and height, but also one whose size will fit in a space where your cat can seek quiet time and bask in her feline pursuits. Cats feel safest when napping in low traffic zones. Many indoor cats appreciate a blissful sunlit siesta and a daily session of bird-watching. Other ways to make your kitty’s tree attractive to her include placing a cozy blanket in the bed perch, sprinkling catnip on scratching surfaces, distributing treats among the perches for her to find and leaving her favorite toys around the base.

This One Is Just Right

The selection of cat trees to choose from is extensive. The best cat tree is the one that is properly sized for your cat and one that she will ultimately use. Once you are familiar with your kitty’s scratching, perching and napping preferences, you can make the best selection to satiate her needs. Every cat is unique in her desires, so there may be some trial and error as you experiment with different cat tree furniture designs. Once you find the right tree, your kitty will enjoy her own space for years to come.

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