Why Does My Cat Talk While Eating?

Mournful mealtime meows occasionally point to a cat who's under the weather.
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If your kitty is especially vocal as she chows down, don't assume the behavior is necessarily just an adorable feline quirk. Feline "talking" while eating sometimes signifies a pet who just doesn't feel all too physically well, so take note.

Meowing While Eating

Your cat can't converse with you in English or in any other human tongue, but what he can do is talk to you by meowing, one of the main modes of communication felines use with people. If your cat meows incessantly while he's eating his meals, he may be feeling discomfort, pain and overall malaise. This behavior often comes on abruptly in cats. If this describes your cat, immediately call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment. Meowing while eating many times is a telling symptom of illness.

Purring While Eating

Meowing isn't the only way felines communicate their feelings. Cats frequently employ the low, rumbling sounds of purring to convey their feelings of joy and satisfaction. If your cutie is munching on his savory chicken dinner, all the while purring sweetly, he's probably telling you that he feels great at the moment.

Other Curious Meowing Behaviors

Along with meowing while dining, your cat might meow as he eliminates waste in the litter box. He might even meow as his licks his coat clean on the couch every evening. By meowing practically all of the time, your cat could be indicating to you that he desperately requires your attention -- and a veterinarian, too. Cats often disguise feelings of illness until the discomfort becomes practically unbearable for them, so take any persistent and seemingly inexplicable meowing seriously, from mealtimes to bathroom breaks. Your vet will determine whether he's hurting or he's just a lot of talk.

Talking Before Eating

Talking before eating and talking while eating are two separate universes for felines. If your cat talks before eating, he's probably sending you a reminder that it's time for you to open up his can. Cats have pretty impressive time management skills, after all. When mealtime is just around the corner, don't be surprised if your cat approaches you, begins brushing his body against your lower legs and starts talking in "meow" form.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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