How to Care for Toy Poodle Puppy

Your toy poodle puppy will adjust to her new home with consistent care.
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Your toy poodle puppy is smart, energetic and willing to learn. She may be nervous when she arrives to her new home, but she will adapt quickly. Caring for her is not difficult. She will need a quality puppy food, house training, attention to grooming and exercise.

Step 1

Provide her with a quality puppy food. You can find high quality puppy food at pet stores along with the adult food. She needs a balanced food high in protein for her body function and continued growth. Carbohydrates are also important for all that poodle energy. Because poodles are prone to bloat and skin irritation, stay away from foods containing wheat, corn and soy. Avoid byproducts, such as necks, organs, stomach lining, bones and feathers. Kibbles are a good choice to control plaque buildup, but wet puppy food provides additional water, an important nutrient. Both are fine to use separately or together. Feed your toy poodle pup three to four times a day since her stomach is small and cannot handle large amounts of food in one feeding.

Step 2

Use a leash for potty training. Poodles are not difficult to housebreak because they are intelligent and easy to train. Begin by putting her on a leash and then taking her to the door. She will soon learn to go to the door when she needs to go out. Get in a habit of taking her to the same spot outside. This intelligent pup will eventually return to the spot on her own. Be consistent and take her out the first thing in the morning, after napping, after each feeding and before bedtime. Don't scold her if she has an accident. If you catch her in the act, take her outside immediately and praise her when she relieves herself. If you decide to use a puppy pad instead of going outdoors, walk her to the pad each time. Accidents are rare, if you are consistent.

Step 3

Groom her consistently. Brush your pup every other day. Your poodle's hair can tangle easily and it grows quickly. Clean her ears once a week. Pull out the hair in the ear canal gently and wipe the outer ear with a moistened cloth. Take her to a professional groomer for her regular clippings, ear cleaning and toenail care.

Step 4

Provide lots of activity for her. Give her toys for play and toys for chewing. These smart pups need mental stimulus. They love to fetch a ball and chew toys are great for the teething pup. Walk your pup daily as well. Toy poodle puppies are full of energy, but they are prone to low blood sugar, so keep walks short. If you feel she has exercised too long, put a little honey on your finger or in her water.

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