Can I Keep Dwarf African Frogs With Convict Cichlids?

The playful behavior of dwarf African frogs makes them an aquarium favorite.
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Most cichlids are known to be feisty and aggressive towards other fish and tank-mates, and the convicts are no exception. There are ways, however, to help avoid disaster, primarily by restricting breeding by the cichlids and having a large enough tank for both your African frogs and cichlid.

Step 1

Ensure your tank is large enough for both the cichlid(s) and the frogs. The bigger the better, no matter how many fish you have. Both species require room to explore, hide and call their home.

Step 2

Limit the number of convicts in your tank, one being preferable or a few of the same sex. Convicts are prolific breeders and already aggressive; breeding makes them more aggressive which would mean bad news for your pet frogs.

Step 3

Put several hiding places and taller structures in your tank; driftwood, plants, rocks and decor work well. Because convicts are territorial fish, this will allow them an area to mark as their own territory; this will also give the African frogs several hiding places, which they prefer even when not dealing with more aggressive tank mates.

Step 4

Monitor the activity of your cichlids around your frogs. If there is any sign of aggression towards your frogs, separate them immediately. Monitoring their behavior is the key to ensuring your frogs are safe from falling victim to the often-aggressive convicts.

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