What Can a Jenday Conure Eat?

Jenday conures enjoy a little brown rice on occasion.
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Jenday conures (Aratinga jandaya) are Brazilian native birds that are often kept as pets. With their mellow, loving, bright and genial dispositions, that is certainly no surprise. As far as feeding goes, Jenday conures are fully herbivorous creatures that dine on everything from pellets to brown rice.

Jenday Conure Background Information

Jenday conures possess predominantly green feathers, although they also display some yellow, reddish-orange and blue elements. They typically grow to around a foot long, with average weights of a little over 5 ounces. Their eyes are brown and their beaks are black. Jenday conures have the capacity not only to retain and use words, but also tricks. They often can survive for a maximum of 30 years. Since these conures thrive on their dealings with people, frequent and consistent interaction is a must.


When it comes to properly feeding Jenday conures, look for commercial pellets to make up the foundation of their daily menu. Seek out pellets that cater specifically to these birds' needs, such as those labeled for conures. Always consult with your veterinarian first before feeding your Jenday conure any type of new food -- including pellets.


Seeds in strict moderation are also suitable additions to the Jenday conure diet -- think sprouted sunflower seeds, for example. Just remember to keep the seeds as an occasional tasty treat for your deserving bird -- nothing more than that.

Fresh Produce

As with many other types of birds, fresh vegetables and fruits also can round out a proper Jenday conure diet. Be sure to always slice fresh produce up into manageable small bites. Some Jenday conure-friendly fruits and vegetables include green beans, carrots, oranges and apples. Always speak with the veterinarian before introducing any produce items into a bird's diet. Some of them may be harmful to your conure, such as avocado, which is poisonous to them. Only feed your bird foods that you are 100 percent certain are safe.

Other Treats

Tiny amounts of fully cooked plain pasta and brown rice also may be acceptable as rare treats for Jenday conures. Since all birds are different, however, it is smart to consult with a veterinarian before allowing any of these foods.

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