Can Dog Food Stop Weeping Eyes?

The pug is one of several breeds more prone to weeping eyes.
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Your dog's eyes water and spill over, causing tear stains with a rusty appearance. This doesn't mean she's been watching sad movies, it's a sign that something may be wrong. Excessive tearing may be the sign of a food allergy or symptomatic of eye disease.

Bring on the Tears

To understand the problem of the weeping eye, one must comprehend what typically causes tear overproduction, and the resulting stains. Biblically speaking, Noah didn't load a couple of bichons, two Dobermans, and double the trouble with two Chihuahuas onto his ark. These breeds all originated from the wolf, and over the years, cross breeding created a variety of breeds with short snouts, and protruding eyes, all of which contribute to the weeping eye syndrome.

The Brood Over Food

Similar to their human counterparts, dogs can develop allergies to anything at any time. Breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and Boston terriers are more prone to allergies than other dogs, and the combination of their protruding eyes and shallow sockets, along with allergy-related tear overproduction, makes them more prone to weeping eyes. Food allergies also may be responsible for weeping eyes, and are not breed specific, for regardless of breed, dogs are very much individuals. Your dog may develop a grain allergy, while the dog down the street - who by all accounts could be your dog's twin - may not have any allergies.

The Process of Elimination

Determining what your pooch is allergic to isn't for the faint of heart. It takes time and effort and is often a process of elimination. Get your veterinarian involved. Your dog's doc is the best person to direct your concerns to. Your dog may present with other conditions that suggest food allergies, such as gastrointestinal distress, and while this suggests that conditions present in opposite ends of the dog are related, they may be. Your vet may recommend eliminating certain foods from your dog's diet to determine the allergen responsible for your dog's chronic weeping.

The Crying Game

The are many culprits who may be responsible for your canine's weeping eyes, and food allergies are just one. Tear overproduction isn't just unsightly, it's an indicator that something is off with your canine pal. Like most dogs, your buddy probably will gobble up anything that's put in his bowl, but determining whether or not what's in his bowl is the problem, is best left to the professionals.

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