Can a Dog or Cat Eat Dried Apricots?

Dried apricots are safe in moderation for both dogs and cats.
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Dried fruit offers a natural, healthy treat for pets when fed as a snack or part of a meal. While cats and dogs can eat apricots, not all cats and dogs will enjoy this fruit. Bottom line -- don't stress if your pet does ... or if he doesn't.


While it might seem unconventional to feed your car or dog died apricots, it is safe and beneficial to pet health. In general, a dog may be more likely to scarf up a dried apricot than a cat. To encourage a reluctant cat or dog to eat this treat, try cutting it up and mixing it with his cat food.


Dried fruits offer your cat or dog vitamins, minerals, fiber and energy. Dried apricots in particular provide potassium, which may be in short supply in pet food, and beta carotene, which can help fight against cancer.


Fruit, including dried apricots, should be a small part of your pet's diet. While dried apricots are safe for cats and dogs, the apricot pit can be poisonous. If giving your pet dried apricots, make sure the fruits have been pitted. If dogs or cats overeat apricots, the excess fiber can bring on diarrhea.


While dried apricots are safe to feed dogs and cats, not all dried fruits are pet-safe. For example, raisins may cause kidney failure in dogs and cats for reasons unknown to veterinarians. If your dog eats raisins, timely medical care can save his life; however, keep raisins and grapes away from dogs. Other fruits not to feed pets include citrus fruits, which are acidic.

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