How Can a Cat Make You Happy?

From alleviating loneliness to boosting your mood, owning a cat is theraputic.
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Maybe you don't have the time to provide long walks or regular potty breaks for a dog and have decided a feline friend better fits your lifestyle. Though independent, cats can be affectionate, cuddly and playful companions who will bring you happiness in many ways.

Companionship in a Furry Package

Cat lovers know that the companionship felines provide is like that of no other type of pet. When you adopt a cat, you will find that your new pet has an independent nature while still being a constant companion. Expressive eyes, a soft coat and a reassuring purr will make you feel needed and loved. Your cat will most likely offer several loveable ways to give you the companionship you are looking for in a pet. Whether you are playing with your furry friend or she is affectionately curled up next to you, a cat will be a welcome addition while not being too demanding. And on occasions when your or your partner is out of town or working late, your cat will be a loyal friend who will ease loneliness while you are apart.

The Entertaining Feline

Cats may not take daily walks or play fetch, but they can be just as active and interactive as their canine counterparts. There is nothing more amusing to watch than a feline who is engaging in play with a toy mouse, romping in a pile of catnip or playing hide-and-seek in an empty box. If you decide to share your life with a cat, you will find great joy in watching her entertaining antics.

Meowing Mood-Boosters

A cat does not have to be playing wildly to bring joy to your home. Simply having a feline to care for can lead to the development of a sense of purpose. Feeding, grooming and playing with your cat often creates deep feelings of attachment and love. A cat lover also understands the power that the feline has to elevate mood through stroking her fur and listening to her purr. This interaction can make you make you feel as dependent on her love as she is on you for her daily care.

Cats as Health Enhancers

In addition to bringing you love, loyalty and laughter, a cat may also offer healthful reasons to be happy. According to the Centers for Disease Control, owning a cat may lower your blood pressure and even decrease your triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Additionally, the happiness that you receive from the love you feel for your furry pet has the potential to reduce stress levels. What's not to be happy about a playful, affectionate, fur-covered friend with health-boosting benefits?

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