Can My Carpet Cause My Dogs to Scratch All the Time?

Your soft and cushy carpeting could be making your pooch itch.
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Dogs love to roll around for a good scratch, whether it's outside in the grass or inside on your carpet. But sometimes this rolling scratch-fest isn't as innocent as it appears. If your pooch seems exceptionally itchy, especially indoors, that carpeting beneath his feet could be contributing to his discomfort.


The minute you notice your dog scratching just a little too often or a little too long, you probably worry about fleas, chiggers or other tiny parasites. These little blood-sucking freeloaders hitch a ride on your pooch to spend the rest of their days feeding and breeding. As your dog wanders the house, shaking and scratching himself to ease his discomfort, some of these moochers may fall off and snuggle into your carpeting. There they lie in wait to reinfest another hapless victim.


Although your pooch can't carry a little hanky and complain about his stuffy head, he could suffer from allergies. Many allergies typically offer symptoms such as itchy, dry skin and are caused by external factors. He could be suffering a reaction from grass, pollen or mold spores carried in from outside and deposited in the carpeting. The carpeting itself may be irritating your dog's skin, as he could have a reaction to the fibers or chemicals used to shampoo it.


Determining what's causing your dog's sudden scratch-fest is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many different things that could set him off, diagnosis relies on skin biopsies, blood tests and trial and error allergy testing. To eliminate the possibility of your carpeting causing his issues, think back to any changes you may have made before the itchiness appeared. In other words, did you change carpet shampoos or introduce a new carpeting treatment right before your pooch started scratching like mad. If so, switch back and see if his itching subsides. If it does, you've found your culprit.


Easing your pooch's itch requires removing the trigger and soothing his sensitive skin. If you suspect your carpeting, vacuum and shampoo thoroughly to provide as clean and irritant-free an environment as possible. You may need to treat your carpeting and furniture with special powders and medications to kill any hidden fleas or other parasites, should that be the cause of his discomfort. Soothing his itchy skin depends on baths with gentle shampoos, and application of itch-relief ointments for those particularly sensitive spots.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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