Bubble Machines for Dogs

Let Scruffy burst those bubbles.
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Shiny, bouncy and unpredictable: bubbles seem to have all the prerequisites to entertain dogs with their unexpected, erratic movements. Add on top of that the fact that some bubbles may taste like bacon, and you may have the perfect recipe for a dog addicted to popping bubbles all day long.


Blowing bubbles for Scruffy's entertainment can be fun, but you may grow tired of it after a while. Don't turn blue and take a deep breath; nowadays, modern bubble machines crafted just for Fido can do all the work for you. These machines can blow hundreds of bubbles for hours of chompin' fun. Just perfect for those days when you are tired but your dog is a furball of energy ready to bounce off the walls.


An assortment of bubble machines are on the market nowadays for Scruffy's entertainment. The most popular bubble machines consist of battery-operated devices that sit on the floor and can be easily activated with the touch of a button. Other models are hand-held devices that may not require batteries and can be activated by simply pulling the trigger or moving the bubble wand. All machines require special bubble mixes specially crafted for dogs.


To make the sport of popping bubbles even more addicting for Fido, several models have scented their bubble mixes with tempting flavors. Scruffy can now choose between sizzling bacon, barbecue chicken and even peanut butter bubbles. Also, the size of the bubbles produced may vary from one model and another. Some bubble machines produce large bubbles, while others may produce a bunch of teeny tiny little bubbles that spread all over the place.


As you watch Scruffy play, you may wonder if it's safe for him to pop all those bubbles at once. Luckily, the many edible bubble solutions made just for dogs and sold at pet supply stores are considered safe to pop. Alternatively, the non-toxic bubble solutions made specifically for children can be used as well. It's best to avoid regular bubble solutions that aren't labeled as non-toxic, though. Too much popping may lead to vomiting or diarrhea, or stinging and tearing if the bubble happens to pop in the dog's eyes.

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