Does Brushing Your Cat Help With Shedding?

Minimize shedding messes with frequent brushing sessions.
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As much as you may grumble over the sight of conspicuous kitty hairs all over your living room couch, shedding is a wholly normal and natural part of being a feline. You can reduce your cat's shedding by regularly brushing his coat. Not bad.

About Shedding

When a cat sheds, his body is essentially ridding itself of dead hairs. Whether a pet has short or long fur, he'll very likely shed. Whether it's bitterly cold or scorching hot outdoors, he'll very likely shed, too. Shedding is usually continuous, particularly for indoor house cats, though volume may vary seasonally. If you love cats, it is important to understand that shedding is part of who cats are.


Fortunately, you can help reduce the amount of hair your pet drops all over the floor, even if just by a small amount. According to the ASPCA, brushing your cat's coat frequently can help eliminate loose hairs from within his coat and therefore decrease the amount that he sheds, whether onto your sofa or onto your area rug. Brushing your cat's coat is useful not only for keeping him looking clean and meticulous but also for keeping your home looking spotless and well-kept. Nice. Employ a metal comb to keep your pet's hair tidy. For long-haired kitties, opt to groom a couple times weekly. For shorter-haired felines, once every seven days is just dandy.

Veterinary Attention

If your cat's shedding seems a little on the immoderate side, she may have a health issue. Schedule an appointment with the veterinarian to ensure your pet's bill of health is A-OK. Excessive shedding can arise from food allergies, severe anxiety, dietary deficiencies and overactive thyroid, for starters. Although brushing may indeed minimize the hair you see on the floor, it's important to get to the root of the issue.


Brushing not only keeps your floor immaculate and your cat's coat glossy and tangle-free, it helps prevent your cat from experiencing hairballs. If you're tired of seeing and hearing your cat go through the discomfort of gagging and coughing up hairballs, brushing his coat a few times a week may be exactly what you need to do. The fewer "stray" hairs floating around in his coat the less he can accidentally swallow as he self-grooms. A key to keeping pesky hairballs at bay is ensuring she has less loose hair to ingest.

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