The Best Brushes for a Shedding Dog

The right brush for your shedding dog will effectively remove excess hair.
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Part of owning a dog is learning how to deal with shedding fur. With the exception of a few breeds, most canines shed at least twice annually. However, choosing the right grooming brush for your pooch will help you get rid of her fur before it accumulates throughout your home.

Slicker Brush

Also called a rake, a slicker brush is a grooming tool for medium and large dogs with long fur. This brush has a metal loop with short teeth that are ideal for grabbing and removing long, thick loose hair. The slicker brush is especially effective on breeds with substantial coats such as collies and huskies, and works well on a dog that requires extensive brushing during shedding periods. However, because this type of grooming tool is made of sturdy metal, it is not the best brush for smaller breeds with delicate skin.

Pin Brush

A pin brush consists of a section of small pins with comfort coatings on the tips. These short but firm bristles are ideal for getting deep into a dog's coat and removing fur knots and shedding hairs. This type of brush works great on large and small dogs with medium to long length fur.

Bristle Brush

The bristle brush is the most popular type of dog grooming brush because it is very versatile. The soft natural or nylon bristles are gentle enough to use on all types of dogs, yet sturdy enough to remove loose hairs. A bristle brush is ideal to use daily, and works great when used in combination with a slicker or pin brush to remove remaining hairs after the initial brushing. The bristle brush is also perfect for dogs with short coats that require only minimal brushing to remove shedding fur.

Combination Brush

The combination brush is a handy dog grooming tool because it is actually two brushes in one. On one side is a pin brush that can be used to loosen hair mats and remove shedding fur. The opposite side consists of a bristle brush that is ideal for smoothing out a canine's coat and removing any hairs that were left behind after being brushed with the pin side. This unique grooming tool can be alternated back and forth during a brushing session to make a canine look her best and eliminate shedding fur.

Rubber Brush

A rubber brush works best on a dog that is either very small or one that requires very little effort to remove shedding hairs. The small, rubber bristles are gentle on a small dog's tender skin, but just firm enough to remove tangles in fine, flowing fur. The Maltese and Yorkshire terrier are examples of breeds that are small and have delicate fur that would benefit from this type of brush. Additionally, a rubber brush is great for giving a dog a nice massage because its bristles are gentle enough to make direct contact with the skin.

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