How to Brush Huskies

Brush his coat before letting him get wet.

Brush his coat before letting him get wet.

Your Siberian husky's double-coat features a coarse outer layer along with a denser, softer undercoat that insulates his skin. Shedding keeps his coat the same length throughout the year, but weekly brushing will reduce shedding and nourish his fur by distributing his natural oils.

Dilute one part dog conditioner in three parts water and gently mist your husky's coat. Adding a thin layer of conditioner to your pup's fur will protect his healthy hair from breaking while making it easier to brush out tangles.

Brush your husky's entire coat with a shed blade. Shed blades contain small serrated teeth that grab dead hair from the outer coat. Start brushing at his shoulders by pulling the shed blade against the direction of hair growth so his fur fluffs up like a lion's mane. Brush his coat back to its natural position once you're finished using the shed blade on his shoulder and neck area.

Change the direction of the shed blade by brushing in the direction of hair growth when you reach the middle of his back. A husky's coat is dense, but the individual strands of fur are very fine. Brushing in both directions helps remove stubborn stray strands from his outer coat.

Brush your husky again, this time going in the direction of his hair growth and using a pin brush. The rounded pins on a pin brush penetrate the outer coat to remove tangles and dead hair from the softer, thicker undercoat. Firm brush strokes over his skin also remove dead skin cells while stimulating circulation and natural oil production. Apply a few shots of conditioning mist if you encounter a snarl while using the pin brush. Comb his face and head last, using a fine-toothed comb.

Items you will need

  • Spray bottle
  • Dog conditioner
  • Shed blade
  • Pin brush
  • Comb


  • Brush your husky anytime, but only bathe him after brushing. Shampooing your pooch before removing the dead hair will cause knotting and snarls.
  • Your husky's skin isn't meant for water like some other breeds, so always use a moisturizing dog conditioner after shampooing his coat.


  • Never shave your husky's entire coat, even during the summer. His undercoat insulates his body from heat and cold. Removing his undercoat will leave him sunburned and overheated.

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