What Bones to Give a Labrador Retriever Puppy

These cute pups are going to chew everything in sight!
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Your sweet, not-so-little Labrador retriever has a powerful urge to chew and gnaw on anything he can get his paws ... er, teeth on. This can include your socks, your best pair of boots -- and that beautiful cross-stitched pillow grandma made for you. Put an end to the damage and indulge his chewing urge safely.

Rope Toys

You’re not going to be able to make your puppy stop chewing, so you might as well go along with it and provide something safe for him that’ll satisfy that instinctive urge. When he’s teething, giving a good strong chomp to something he’s allowed to bite down on will give him much-needed relief. After all, trying to rub lidocaine on his gums will be an exercise in keeping all your fingers intact, meaning you'll rule this option out fast. Opt for a thick, long rope toy with huge knots on both ends. You grip one end and give your lab the other end and start a game of Tug-of-War. Wear out your pooch. Before you know it, he’ll be lying on the ground and chomping away.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are 100 percent bull penis. Let your stomach settle as you wrap your mind around that thought. Your Labrador retriever pup won’t care about the origin of his bully stick -- he’ll love receiving one, because it becomes chewy as he gnaws and chews on this long-lasting treat. Of course, to avoid the risk of choking, you’ll need to supervise him while he's chewing and take the stick away when it gets too small. Bully sticks are chock-full of high-quality protein and taurine, which your pup needs to stay healthy. Bully sticks, also called bull pizzles, have no additives, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Your dog will keep his teeth plaque-free chewing on a bull pizzle. Knowing this, it might be easier for you to pick one up at the pet food store.

Synthetic Bones

For a longer-lasting chewy bone, buy your little canine synthetic bones. The more well-known brands are Nylabone and Gumabone. Choose the correct bone size for your Lab puppy, and just as with the bull pizzle, supervise chewing and remove any small remnants that could choke smaller puppies. This chew toy will last longer because it’s made from a rubber that will stand up to your puppy’s strong jaws and chewing activities. When you buy chew toys and bones for him, don’t buy so many that he gets confused about what’s his and what’s yours. Just a few toys at a time will keep him happily chewing and occupied for hours -- and they may just save your favorite boots, socks and that beloved pillow.

Kong Chew Toys

A Kong chew toy is made from a material that is hard enough to be nearly indestructible, but when your pup chomps down and digs in, it has enough give to relieve that nagging teething pain he’s feeling. If you could hear your Labrador retriever puppy's thoughts, you’d probably hear him say, “Ah, this is perfect!” as he goes after it with all the gusto he has in his body. As with other bones and chew toys, supervise your chewy pup as he gnaws on his chew toys.

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