How to Bond With a Cockatoo

Spending quality time with your cockatoo encourages bonding.
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It's always enjoyable when the cockatoo you love feels the same way about you. Parrots tend to have a mind of their own, though, and you can't force your cockatoo to choose you over another member of the family, but you can stack the odds in your own favor.

Step 1

Spend quality time with your cockatoo. Let her join you when you're watching television and include her when you sit down to eat. Spend some QT (quality time) with her playing her favorite games or with the toys she enjoys most. The more effort you put into making time together enjoyable the more likely your cockatoo will be associate you with positive experiences and bond to you.

Step 2

Handle your cockatoo carefully but also with a measure of authority. Mishandling a parrot will lead to her fearing you or not respecting you, and neither scenario will encourage her to bond to you.

Step 3

Feed your cockatoo her most favorite treat when you get her out of her cage for play time. You should be the only one in the family to give her the food she finds the yummiest so you're the only human she associates it with. Yes, it smacks of bribery, but cockatoos can be tough customers.

Step 4

Groom your bird. In the wild, parrot mates groom each other and your cockatoo will associate the grooming with care that a mate would provide. Gently pull her wings open and lightly pinch individual feathers between your fingers as you run them down the feather to the tip. Lightly scratch her head or rub it with a small stick. Rub her chest with the side of your finger. Any action that can be construed as grooming will promote bonding.

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