What Are the Benefits of Aquarium Moon Lighting?

Moon light increases the natural environment and health for your aquarium.
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Proper aquarium lighting is an important feature of maintaining a healthy aquarium. Using a timer, set up a regular aquarium hood with night-light bulbs so that when your day lights shut off, your night lights turn on, creating a more natural and healthy environment for your fish and coral.

Stimulates a Natural Environment

The most basic benefit of providing moon lighting is that it offers a more natural environment. In nature, saltwater creatures are subject to daylight and moonlight, but in captivity, not all aquariums have a night light. By adding a night light, the aquarium becomes more natural for the corals, fish, anemones and other life. The light does not increase the temperature levels of the water, only adds a minimal light source, which allows for a cool-down period at night.


By creating a more natural environment, the behavior of your aquarium will become more natural. Moonlight will elicit the natural reproduction process of coral and the behaviors of nocturnal fish. By providing a natural environment, fish, invertebrates, coral and other life will adapt easier, reducing the stress and enhancing the overall health. The most noticeable behavioral change will be will your corals; they will begin to extend their polyps or sweeper tentacles, depending on the species of coral, and they will begin to feed. Since your corals are behaving naturally, you will be able to better judge how much space they need.


By creating a more natural environment, the health of your aquarium will definitely benefit. If your fish are more relaxed their immune systems are more balanced, making it easier for them to fight off infection and disease. By reducing the stress on your aquarium and your nocturnal fish, the health of your diurnal fish will benefit, too. When there is one sick fish, or a group of sick fish in an aquarium, the entire aquarium suffers and the diurnal fish can become affected by illnesses of the nocturnal fish.


The night life tends to be just as exciting and beautiful as the day life. By offering a moon light, you are able to view your aquarium better. Many suggest that feeding during this till will allow you more interaction because you will be able to see the corals and nocturnal fish feed. Once you add a moon light to your aquarium, you will realize how much more you enjoy your aquarium with such a simple addition.

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