Bathing Your Dog Every Two Weeks to Reduce Allergens

Frequent baths may reduce your allergy symptoms.
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Many people who are allergic to dogs still want to enjoy their companionship. If your allergy isn't severe, you may be able to manage symptoms by bathing your dog frequently to remove dog allergens, as well as pollen and dust that your dog carries into the home.

Step 1

Brush your dog outside. This will remove loose hair as well as the dry skin cells, known as dander, that are the main cause of allergic reactions.

Step 2

Bathe your dog. Shampoo him thoroughly with an allergy-reducing pet shampoo. Take your time rinsing, as shampoo residue left on the coat will dry the skin and make your dog itch.

Step 3

Wash your dog's bedding on the same days that you bathe him. This way, everything will be clean at once and allergen levels should be low. You can then determine if bathing every two weeks is often enough to control your symptoms, if you need to bathe more frequently, or if you can go a bit longer.

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