The Best Anti-Flea Medicines for Cats

Flea control products prescribed by a veterinarian provide safe, effective relief.
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When it comes to flea control, the sprays, powders, shampoos and dips that once dominated the market are now outdated options. The best flea control products available today are those that are prescribed by your veterinarian, are formulated for safe use in cats and provide lasting protection for your kitty.

No More Stressful Struggles

Fleas once led to stressful ordeals as owners had little choice but to lather their protesting feline in flea shampoos, wrestle the cat while spraying her or chasing her throughout the house until capture resulted in a dusty cloud of pungent powder and one very unhappy cat. By the next day, a new crop of fleas settled in on the poor cat once again. Today's topical treatments are simply deposited onto one spot on the back of your kitty's neck and the flea control lasts for a month, with your loving bond and her dignity both remaining intact. For easy, safe and effective flea control, your veterinarian offers the best options available.

Administer Once a Month, Protect Through the Month

Monthly topical applications such as Advantage, Frontline and Revolution are formulated to kill fleas in their various life stages. Some products also offer added protection against other parasites, including ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworms. Open one tube each month, part the fur on the back of your cat's neck where she cannot reach around and lick the area clean and squeeze the tube's contents directly onto the exposed skin. Your kitty goes her merry way while the substance absorbs and distributes throughout her body's skin layer through the natural oils of her coat. If your cat has skin sensitivity issues, your veterinarian may recommend a monthly oral flea preventative, such as Comfortis, instead.

Treat Your Cat Safely

When your veterinarian prescribes a flea control product, you are purchasing a product that is more efficacious than those sold over the counter as well as the assurance that it has been formulated with ingredients that are specifically safe for use in cats. Whichever product you use, follow the instructions exactly as directed and be sure that the product's weight requirement continues to match your kitty's weight. Never try to save a few dollars by purchasing a similar product from the store. Most over the counter monthly topical flea control products contain concentrated doses of permethrin, which is safe for use in flea control products for dogs but fatally toxic for cats. Never use any flea preventative labeled for a dog on your cat.

Keep Her Happy and Flea-Free

Fleas are annoying nuisances and they can pose health problems for your cat, including flea allergy dermatitis, tapeworms and anemia. Have a conversation with your veterinarian and discuss your cat’s lifestyle. Based upon such factors as whether or not she plays outdoors, if canine housemates venture outside regularly, the geographical location of your home and her current age and health status, your veterinarian will recommend a safe and effective flea preventative that is best suited for your kitty. By enlisting his assistance in selecting the right product, you will protect your cat from the perils of fleas with a product that you can feel confident about using.

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