American Bulldog Vs. Labrador Behavior

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Both American bulldog and Labrador retriever breeds are known for being quality companions for all members of the family, although these two breeds often have very different personalities. Both can be aloof, clumsy and energetic, and both breeds are known for their loyalty and intelligence.

Labrador General Behavior

A loyal companion with a tendency to be outgoing and lovable to both man and animal, the lab has been among the top breeds for families for years. Never shy as an adult, the lab in your family will serve as both companion and endless entertainment. They are always eager to please the other members in their family, although they can become quite bored when not given enough attention, toys or the ability to exercise. True to their name, Labrador retrievers generally enjoy retrieving objects, whether it's during games of fetch or simply carrying around an item in their mouths. Although they are loyal and will protect you to the best of their ability, the Labrador's gentle temperament and lack of hostility toward man prevents them from being an excellent "guard" dog.

American Bulldog General Behavior

Like Labradors, American bulldogs are ideal as family pets due to their general nature and temperament. The American bulldog's rich history has carved out a solid companion suited to today's American family. Always alert and not distracted easily, this breed will actively assess situations and make decisions with the best interest of its family in mind. Their intimidating appearance, fearlessness and boldness make them ideal guard dogs, although they are not overly aggressive or hostile in everyday situations. Often aloof and clumsy, the American bulldog will provide entertainment while maintaining a lovable and laughable temperament.

Pros and Cons

Both of these breeds are hardworking and intelligent, but this also leads to them becoming bored easily when not properly trained or given the attention they so desperately require. A bored dog often turns into a destructive dog that will exhibit bad behaviors such as chewing or barking. Training is required for both breeds, as well as a strict-but-loving hand to guide them.


Both breeds are fairly large, with retrievers sometimes reaching over 100 pounds and American bulldogs falling into the same weight range. Because of this, they may not be suitable for smaller children; they are not malicious towards children, but they may not know their own size and strength when playing with or being around little ones. As a "bully breed," American bulldogs are often mislabeled as dangerous dogs due to the way they look, along with several other breeds. Although loving family pets, these two breeds aren't ideally suited for apartment living. They both need room to run, exercise and family-time to stay healthy, active and happy.

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