When Does an American Bulldog Stop Growing?

American bulldogs are skilled at protecting residences.
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American bulldogs are robust and sporty canines who hail from North America, as their monikers suggest. They are near kin to the similarly named English bulldogs, although they are bigger. Since mature American bulldogs are pretty large, an understanding of their typical growth period is crucial for prospective owners.

Size as Adults

If you have a young American bulldog pup in your life, don't expect him to stay small for too long. Adult males of the breed usually range between 22 and 27 inches in height, beginning at their shoulders. The females are a little shorter -- between 20 and 25 inches. Male American bulldogs usually weigh more than females. The average mature male weight range is between 75 and 125 pounds, while the scope is between 60 and 100 pounds for females.

Breed and Physical Maturity

Doggie size is an important factor in physical development. Large breed canines frequently require 24 full months -- or close to it -- to stop growing. Their smaller breed friends, however, in many cases are done growing when they get to around a year in age. Note, however, that these numbers vary. Dogs are all individuals, and some grow a faster or slower in comparison to the rest.

Two Years for American Bulldogs

Since they are indeed bigger pooches, American bulldogs, like many others, take a little time to reach physical maturity, even though their growth often is swift in pace. Puppies of the breed are generally finished growing by the time they hit the age of 2. Make sure that your puppy grows in as healthy a manner as possible not only by feeding him complete commercial puppy food, but by also taking him in for routine veterinary checkups.


These jovial pooches are pleasant companion animals, but also are multi-talented creatures from hunting pests to carefully looking over and defending things. The smart doggies usually respond easily to training. Plentiful and frequent exercise is a must for all American bulldogs. The dynamic and vigorous dogs enjoy an assortment of different types of fitness -- think fetch sessions, jogging and extended strolls. If you lack sufficient time in your schedule to manage an American bulldog puppy's fitness needs, then this breed might not be appropriate for you. Although American bulldogs grow to pretty large sizes, they can often manage apartment living -- but only under the condition that they get lots of physical activity every day.

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