At What Age Does a Puppy Go Through a Rebellious Stage?

"I can sometimes be a major handful."
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When you bring your sweet, animated puppy home that first time, it may seem impossible for him ever to behave in a way other than pure sweetness and light. However, even cute and fluffy puppies are susceptible to frustrating rebellious stages, not unlike those of human teenagers -- uh oh.

Canine Adolescence

Just like human beings, dogs enter into transitory periods of adolescence, although they come a lot faster and oftentimes seemingly out of nowhere for the latter species. When your puppy is anywhere between 6 and 18 months in age, he may enter a rebellious stage. The rebellion may come around the same time as some other brand new behaviors, namely the roots of hormonal patterns in unfixed pooches.

Rebellious Behavior

If your pet suddenly takes on a much more stubborn temperament than before, you can probably chalk it up to his being a classic "teenager" -- fluffy style. Your formerly attentive dog may stop responding to basic commands like "come." On outdoor excursions, he may seem increasingly curious about the surroundings -- and may even attempt to run away to investigate them on his own. You may even notice some destructive chewing throughout your home -- much to the your dismay.


One common sign of a puppy going through a rebellious period is increased dominant behavior. If your doggie has gotten the idea in his head that he's the head honcho in your household, he may make it highly apparent to you, whether by standing in front of you every time you try to get from point A to point B, pressing on you to get things he wants, barking nonstop, protecting "precious" items from your gaze and even displaying hints of aggression. If you see any signs of aggression, it's smart to consult a certified puppy trainer. Never try to handle a puppy's aggression issues on your own, as it simply may be too unsafe. Always keep aggressive animals far from the reach of children, too. Remember, the sooner you nip your puppy's aggressiveness in the bud, the easier it will be in the long run.

Neutering and Spaying

Puppies usually experience burgeoning feelings of sexuality when they're in the range of 6 and 18 months in age. Hormonal behaviors, naturally, are just a part of this stage. These types of behaviors may seem rebellious and challenging, whether marking urine inside your home or making repeated attempts to exit your bedroom window on the quest for a mate. In many cases, early neutering and spaying surgeries help drastically in cutting down these troublesome behaviors. Speak to a veterinarian regarding the safest and most suitable time frame for fixing your puppy rebel.

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