The Advantages & Disadvantages to Owning a Long-Haired Chihuahua

Is a long-haired Chihuahua right for you?
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If you're looking for a small dog that is big on cuteness, the long-haired Chihuahua may be a wonderful option. It's important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this breed to make sure it's right for you and your family.


Grooming a long-haired Chihuahua is more time-consuming than grooming a short-haired Chihuahua. Long-haired Chis are more apt to get stuff in their fur, especially when using the bathroom. During warm weather you may also notice that a long-haired Chi begins to smell sooner than a short-haired dog. This is due to dead hair that needs to be brushed out daily. If you do not brush your long-haired Chihuahua daily, she may begin to smell due to her body being unable to secrete needed oils. These loose hairs can also lead to ingrown hairs. You will also need to trim your long-haired Chihuahua regularly, especially around the ears. If you're not comfortable with this, you will need to take her to a groomer.


Many people love the size of long-haired Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas do not get above 6 pounds, which makes them the perfect breed for someone who wants to take their dog everywhere. On the other hand, their size can be problematic to households with small children. Due to their small stature, Chihuahuas are very fragile and their bones can easily be broken. If you have children running through your home, one misstep could result in a broken leg.


Another disadvantage to long-haired Chihuahuas is shedding. Because their hair is longer, it will be more easily noticed on furniture and clothing. You can greatly limit the problems of shedding by brushing your pet daily for at least 5 minutes and making sure to feed your dog a high-quality food made with good-quality protein. Shedding can also be tamed with regular bathing to remove loose hair.

Skin and Ear Infections

If a long-haired Chihuahua is not properly groomed she can experience skin infections ranging from yeast infections to ear infections. It's important to always brush your long-haired Chihuahua thoroughly each day. You also need to clean her ears regularly to prevent loose hairs and dirt from causing an infection. Many of these infections can be avoided with proper grooming and a high-quality food. When brushing your dog, always be on the lookout for signs of infection or skin problems. Symptoms may include dull hair, dry skin, blisters and even dandruff.

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