What Do 8-Week-Old Beagles Eat?

Your beagle pup is ready for some good food.
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Your little bundle of beagle joy is home. He's 8 weeks old and ready for some loving care, and that includes good nutrition. As a new beagle parent, you want to figure out what and how much he should eat to help him grow up big and strong.

Beagle Puppy Basics

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At 8 weeks old, your beagle probably weighs about 5 pounds. Till now, he's relied heavily on his mom's milk. Now that he's home in your loving arms, he'll rely on you to get him off on the right paw. At this weight and age, he'll need about 375 calories per day, but this number may vary, so check with your vet. At least 60 percent of his daily calories should be from animal protein.

Protein, Veggies and Oils -- Oh My!

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With animal protein as a centerpiece of the diet, it's important to choose quality items. If you're feeding your pup a healthy, homemade diet of 375 calories per day, protein should total at least 225 calories, or 56 grams of protein, if you're reading a nutrition label. The remaining 150 calories can be a mix of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and oils and some starches.If you're buying commercial foods, look for similar ingredients, especially a high-quality, known meat base.

Puppy Diets Through the Weeks

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Your pooch's caloric need increases throughout puppyhood. A grown, 30-pound beagle needs around 900 calories per day, but a growing pup needs way more. At around six months old, when he's 40 to 50 percent of his expected adult weight, he'll need 1 1/2 times the calories of adulthood or about 1350 calories a day. At 75 percent of his adult weight, he'll need 1 1/4 times the calories of an adult, or 1,125 calories per day.

Other Things to Consider As Your Beagle Grows

Whether you feed a home-cooked diet or a top-notch commercial brand, your baby beagle's health will flourish on a diet of quality animal protein, water, veggies, fruits, healthy oils and love. When shopping for your pup's next meal, look for balance, variety, a wide vitamin and mineral profile, and in the case of commercial food, an ingredient list you can identify. Your little one will thank you, and you will feel good knowing you are providing him the best food options.

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