Typical Fur Coat Colors for Yorkies

Yorkies have perfectly straight and silky hair.

Yorkies have perfectly straight and silky hair.

If you have a solid-colored Yorkie, he has an atypical coat color. The American Kennel Club's primary recommendation for a show coat is a dark-steel blue and golden tan. Three other shade variations of the blue and tan coat are the typical fur coat colors for Yorkies.

Puppy to Adult

The typical Yorkie pup is born with a black and tan coat. The black and tan hair intermingles until the pup matures. At that time, the color lines are easily distinguishable. The change from black body hair to dark-steel blue is called breaking blue. It can occur as early as 8 weeks of age. Early breaking blue does not mean the hair will be lighter in color. The tan continues to darken up to approximately 3 years of age.

AKC Recommendations

The four standard color combinations recommended by the AKC for show are black and gold, black and tan, blue and tan, and blue and gold. Black is a recessive gene, but if two blue Yorkies carry the black recessive gene, they can produce a black Yorkie. The tan can have enough highlights to appear gold; hence, the tan shade is considered gold instead of tan. The blue or black should extend over the body from the back of the neck to the root of the tail, according the AKC. The head, chest and legs should be tan or gold. A small, white mark on the forechest is allowed.

Parti-Colored Yorkies

Parti-colored Yorkies are the result of breeding two traditional colored Yorkies -- black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, blue and gold. The parti-colored gene is a recessive gene. The AKC accepted the parti-colored Yorkie in June 2000. When registering a parti-colored Yorkie, it is registered as an alternate color, not as a standard color. Parti-colored Yorkies have the standard colors with more substantial white than the 1-inch patch allowed on the forechest.

Atypical Coat Colors

Chocolate Yorkies, chocolate parti Yorkies, golden Yorkies, golden parti Yorkies, blond Yorkies and even white Yorkies are just a few of many color combinations you can purchase from some breeders. Before purchasing any Yorkie, research the breeder. Ask the breeder to show you the parents, and ask to look at the lineage of the puppy you are considering. There are breeders who are mixing Yorkies with other dogs to produce a wide variety of colors.

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