How to Stop a Jingling Noise From a Dog Collar

Collars with two rings keep tags separated.

Collars with two rings keep tags separated.

Caused by your dog's tags hitting each other, the jingling noise your pooch makes when he moves around the house can get quite annoying. If you can't live with the noise any more, follow these steps to stop the constant jingle-jangle while still keeping your pooch safe and law-abiding.

Items you will need

  • Collar
  • Tags
  • Stainless steel nameplate
  • Rubber band

Step 1

Take your dog's collar off him and remove his current tags. If your dog's collar has only one ring for tags, consider getting him a new one. Because they have minimal touching hardware and several rings, martingale collars in particular are wonderful for stopping tag jingling.

Step 2

Make your dog a new ID tag out of a brass or stainless steel nameplate. Fasten the nameplate to your dog's collar. Ideally, the nameplate will sit at the back of your pooch's neck while he's wearing the collar. Positioning it at the back makes it easier for people to see.

Step 3

Place your pup's rabies tag and license tag on separate rings on your dog's collar. On a martingale collar, placing one tag on the left-hand loop ring and one tag on the right-hand loop ring, and no tags on the leash ring halts the noise and prevents you from accidentally clipping your leash to a tag's weak o-ring. If you don't have separate rings for the remaining tags, place them on a single o-ring together and use a small rubber band to bind them tightly together.


  • Make sure all tags required by your city, county or state stay on your dog's collar at all times. Keep ID tag information up to date and check it routinely.

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