How Should You Wash Your Chihuahua?

Keep your chihuahua fresh and clean.

Keep your chihuahua fresh and clean.

The grooming needs of a chihuahua are few, but bathing is still a necessity. Your little guy may find a mud puddle to play in, or just simply need a flea bath or freshening up. Bathing him the right way is important to avoid trauma and future difficulties.

Items you will need

  • Bath mat or towel
  • Shampoo
  • Cotton balls
  • Towel

Step 1

Place a nonslip mat or towel in the bottom of a sink or small basin. A bathtub will work as well, but he will feel more secure if he is a smaller area. Place him on top of the mat.

Step 2

Rinse him with warm water, being careful to get his belly and the insides of his legs. Move his fur around while rinsing to get all the way to the skin. Talk softly to him while doing this to make him more comfortable.

Step 3

Apply shampoo in a ring around his neck and work it well into the fur around his neck. This will prevent any fleas on his body from running to his head when you start washing.

Step 4

Apply shampoo to his body and work it into the fur. Remember the belly and backs of legs. Add a few drops to your hand and rub it into his head, being careful to avoid his eyes and mouth.

Step 5

Rinse with warm water. Start at his head, moving carefully to avoid dripping shampoo into his eyes or mouth. Continue down the rest of his body. Lift him up gently to thoroughly rinse his belly.

Step 6

Dry him with a soft towel, starting with his head. Wipe out his ears with clean cotton balls.

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