How to Keep the Puppy From Eating the Cat's Food

Keep cat food away from your puppy to ward of unwanted digestive problems.

Keep cat food away from your puppy to ward of unwanted digestive problems.

Puppies are eating machines and nothing is off limits, including your cat’s food. A few bites here and there won’t harm your dog, but excessive amounts of cat food may cause digestive issues. Keep your puppy away from the cat’s food and keep his tummy, and your cat, happy.

Remove the cat food from the puppy’s reach. Place the cat’s bowls on a tall counter and the puppy won’t be able to sneak a bite. If you’re not comfortable with cat food on the counter, place the bowls on another tall surface, such as a dresser or washing machine.

Feed the puppy and cat in two different rooms. Take the puppy to her feeding area and give her a bowl of her normal puppy food. Close the door and fill the cat’s bowl in her feeding area. Pick up the cat’s bowl before you open the door.

Corral the puppy in an exercise pen before feeding the cat. Place the pen on the opposite side of the room and give the puppy a few toys to keep her busy. Fill the cat’s bowl and give the cat plenty of time to eat. When the cat is finished, pick up the bowl and let the puppy out of the pen.

Items you will need

  • Exercise pen


  • Cat food is too rich for puppies and will cause long-term health problems. Obesity, vomiting and diarrhea are common in puppies that eat too much cat food.

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