How to Groom a Poodle's Ears

Poodles are generally considered high maintanance because of their frequent grooming needs.

Poodles are generally considered high maintanance because of their frequent grooming needs.

Those cute floppy ears on your poodle can turn into infected and matted messes if not groomed and cared for properly. The ear canal is deep and moist and must be cleaned and groomed to avoid chronic infections and bacteria. All poodles are different; some have more ear hair than others.

Items you will need

  • pin brush
  • hemostat
  • shears

Step 1

Brush your poodle’s ears with a pin brush. A pin brush has fine stainless steel pins that allow you to easily brush out his ears. A poodle’s ears require frequent brushing, at least once a week, to remain clean and unmatted. Brushing before attempting any cutting or grooming will cause less discomfort for your dog.

Step 2

Check the inside of your poodle’s ears before attempting any grooming. If his ears are red, itchy and waxy or he is resistant to you touching his ears, he may have an infection. Consult with your vet on how to handle this and wait until his ears clear up or your vet gives you the go-ahead to proceed with grooming his ears. Treatment may include ear washes, drops, daily cleaning and oral medications.

Step 3

Pluck, trim or shave the fine hairs inside your poodle’s ears. You can use a hemostat, a tool available at pet supply stores, to pluck the hair. Do not pinch the skin in the ear canal, which may cause your poodle pain or inflammation. You may prefer to use small scissors or shave the ear canal hairs instead of plucking.

Step 4

Trim your poodle’s ear hair length to your preference. Some prefer their poodle’s ear length longer and some shorter. The American Kennel Club breed standard is for the ear to be long, wide and feathered, but the ear fringe should not be too long. Shorter ears may be easy to manage if your poodle tends to mat. Use shears to groom ear hair and round the bottom of each ear.

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