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No one wants a kiss from a dog with bad breath!

No one wants a kiss from a dog with bad breath!

Nothing welcomes you home like a big sloppy kiss from your dog. But, if your dog has bad breath, then just about anything is better than being that close to your dog's mouth. Freshen your dog's breath easily with a handy home remedy.

Check for Dental or Health Issues

The most common and serious causes of bad breath are dental issues. Dogs with excessive plaque and tartar, abscessed teeth or severe gingivitis will develop secondary infections in their mouth. The bad breath that you smell is from the buildup of bacteria. The first step in trying to correct your dog's halitosis is a visit to the vet to rule out dental disease. Your vet can check for more serious gastrointestinal or kidney diseases, both of which may cause bad breath.

Change Your Dog's Diet

Once you have ruled out serious medical issues, try a home remedy for your dog's bad breath. First, change your dog's diet to a biologically appropriate diet of raw food. A raw diet is easier for your dog to digest, reducing the harmful bacteria that develop in the GI tract as a byproduct of digestion and cause bad breath. Sometimes just switching to a diet of raw food can completely clear up your dog's bad breath.

Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Good dental care is important for dogs of all ages, but is especially important as dogs age. Tartar and plaque accumulate, causing tooth decay, lesions and cavities. All of these will also cause bad breath. Brushing your dog's teeth on a regular basis will help keep his teeth and gums healthy and improve his breath.

Give Your Dog Good Bones and Chew Toys

One of the best ways to keep your dog's teeth clean and breath fresh is to let him chew on raw, meaty bones. The meat on the bones provide natural flossing as your dog tears and chews it from the bone. The bones provide a hard surface to scrape the tartar and plaque from the teeth, improving your dog's oral health and breath. If you don't feel comfortable giving your dog raw bones, choose safe and durable chew toys made from safe, nontoxic materials.

Add Supplements to Freshen Breath

If your have cleaned your dog's teeth and ruled out medical issues, you might just need to add doggy breath fresheners. Some good herbs to add to your dog's diet include parsley, mint, ginger root, fennel seed and chamomile. You can add these supplements directly or visit your local pet specialty store for recommendations for commercial supplements.

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