How to Deter Cats From Climbing Trees

by Sandra Ketcham, Demand Media
    Climbing up trees to rescue your kitty puts you both in danger.

    Climbing up trees to rescue your kitty puts you both in danger.

    With sharp claws and lithe bodies built for jumping, cats are capable climbers. For most of them, though, climbing up is a lot easier than climbing down. Unless you like spending your afternoons coaxing a scaredy cat out of a tree, take steps to deter your kitty from climbing.

    Items you will need

    • Carpeted climbing tree
    • Aluminum foil
    • Chicken wire
    • Zip ties

    Step 1

    Keep your frisky feline inside. This will prevent her from climbing trees while protecting her from predators, disease and cars.

    Step 2

    Provide your cat safe climbing activities indoors, such as a window perch or a carpeted climbing tree. This should help ease her natural urge to climb.

    Step 3

    Determine how high your cat can jump up her favorite tree, then wrap aluminum foil around the tree at this point, extending upward a couple of feet. Your kitty won't want to walk on the foil and will stay below it on the tree. Check the condition of the foil periodically and replace it when necessary. If the foil begins peeling, your cat will find a way to climb above it.

    Step 4

    Place a chicken-wire cone around trees your cat is fond of climbing. About 5 or 6 feet up from the ground, wrap chicken wire around the trunk so that one end is tightly wrapped around the tree while the other end extends and fans out at least a couple of feet from the tree. Secure the wire with zip ties. Your cat will not be able to climb the wire or jump over it.


    • Consult your vet or a cat behaviorist if your kitty won't stop climbing or is putting herself at risk.

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