Can You Spray Water at Cats & Dogs to Make Them Stop Fighting?

Oh, they're behaving now, but they will get into fights.

Oh, they're behaving now, but they will get into fights.

While your feline and canine fur babies may normally get along like the best of friends, they may experience bad days and disagreements between themselves, which leads to the inevitable fight. Both of your pets have strong territorial instincts, making safe separation a necessity.

Why Cats and Dogs Fight

Just as children tangle with each other and cause a ruckus, your furry family members can, and do, as well. You may not be able to spot any reasons for their fighting, but for your cat and dog, just the other's presence can set off snarling, hissing and bared claws. One of your pets may perceive that you are paying more attention to the other fur baby, leading to dog or cat thoughts of “I don’t like him. I’ll get him the next time he passes by.” These two reasons are closely intertwined -- hormones and territoriality. When your pets reach adulthood, their hormones are in full flow. Combine this with the belief that your dog has intruded on your cat’s territory, and someone’s gonna be mad. If one of your pets is new to your home, the resident family member is going to exhibit raised hackles or bared claws, leading to fights. Sometimes, one of your pets will pick a fight, “just because.” It could be your kitty or your sweet, innocent-eyed pooch.

Squirt Bottle

Buy a few spray bottles and fill them with water. Scatter them throughout your house so that when your fur babies get into a wrangle, you don’t have to remember where you left the spray bottle last. Creep up quietly on your fighting pets and keep the Magic Spray Bottle hidden behind one leg. Turn just enough that the sprayer is aimed at your little ones and let loose a big, wet squirt. Bazinga! The trick to making this a magic weapon is to keep your furry friends from seeing it. The water source has to be mysterious for the most effectiveness.

Pail of Water

Keep a large pail of water available when your canine and feline family members are outside together. When the fur begins to fly, grab that ol’ bucket, swing back and let the water fly. Your cat will yowl and make for the nearest hiding spot and your dog will shake his fur and go slink away. Use this only for when they are physically engaged with each other to maintain full effectiveness.

Why Water Works

It’s simple, really. You’re combining the shock value of cold water with stealth and surprise. When the water hits both of your misbehaving pets, its impact surprises them. Unless your feline is a water-loving breed, she’ll scream bloody murder and leave smoke from her sweet little paws as she takes off. Your canine buddy knows when he’s goofed up, so the water will have the same effect, although he’s much more likely to shake himself off and go flop under a tree in your yard.

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